Eye Of The Tiger

April 25, 2009


As Hazmat Hermit decided to look for a cleaner environment to live in, he found himself in a world of snow and ice. “This is the perfect place to live in. No speck of dirt or grime for miles.” exclaimed Hazmat. But suddenly, to his surprise, the native-robot life wasn’t friendly. The tiger-like helicopter started attacking him and running after him. He barely escaped the tiger-copter. “Whew! At least my suit is intact of tiger marks and claws.” Hazmat decided to leave the so called Land Of Ice And Snow as he continued his quest through Astro-knights Island.

[ Spoiler Alert ]

Some parts of the story above are just made up. There may not be a Land Of Ice And Snow in Astro-Knights Island but we don’t know just yet.


Islands Guides And Maps

April 24, 2009


For all the help you could get on the Islands, please visit the Poptropica Help Blog by going trough the link. Thank you very much.

Snapshot Sagas Page

April 24, 2009

The Snapshot Sagas Page is now up and going!


Welcome To Blazing Poptropica!

April 24, 2009

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